Apr 23, 2010


Initially when I was at school Sravanthi used to soak the dal and we used to make Dosa's so I never bothered to soak the Dal nor did I take the pain to know what she did. When I made it for the very first time after marriage I dint know what are the ingredients and one fine Saturday I call my mom and told her both Abhi and me feel like eating Dosa, ell me how to make the batter, she was like you mean NOW?? Immediately my mom gave the phone to my dad and said your little chef's calling lolz. We ended up going to Einstein bagels that day.

So the best thing to do is Soak the Dal on Friday morning before work grind it in the evening and let it ferment that night and you will have the batter ready for the weekend :).


2 Cups: Long grained Rice
1 Cup : Urad Dal
1 tsp : Fenugreek Seeds
1tsp : Sabudana


Making of the batter: Soak the Ural dal and rice along with fenugreek seeds and Sabudana at least for 6 hours. Grind this mixture by adding the right amount if water each time, adding too much of water will make the paste watery. Set this batter aside for about 12 hours for fermenting, make sure you place it in a bigger container as it will double its quantity. In colder places place the container in the oven with lights on, if you don't have a light, pre heat the oven for a few minutes and place the batter in the oven.

Dosa Preparation: Heat the non stick griddle to 350F. pour a ladle full batter on the griddle and give it a circular motion starting from inside to out.

Spray some oil on the edges and turn over once it turns brown. For Masala Dosa you cook it on a relatively low flame as you will not turn the dosa. Once the Dosa is brown add Koora Podi / Curry Powder and Aloo Curry and Curl the Dosa.

Serve it with Coconut chutney/ Peanut Chutney + Sambar.

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