Jun 9, 2010



Milk - 6 Cups for Malai / 6 Cups for Rabdi
Badam - 10
Pistachios - 10
Sugar - 2 Cups for Rabdi / 2 cups for pressure cooking the malai balls
Vinegar - 4 tbsp
Cotton cloth / Cotton Cheese Cloth - You get this in walmart


How to curdle Milk?

Boil the milk in a huge container
When you see a bump in the milk ( palu poguthunapudu), simmer the flame and stir it with a ladle
Add vinegar to it
Within a few seconds you will observe the milk has curdled

Since we have used vinegar the curdled milk might have that odour. Take a cotton cheese cloth and transfer the curdled milk into this cloth allow cold tap water to run through for some time. Tie the edges of the cloth, let the water run from this cloth by running your fingers over it for a couple of time. Place a heavy weight on this for excess water to drain off.

Malai balls:

Kneed the curdled milk as soft as possible ( until oil oozes out onto your hands)
Make round balls and flatten them with your fingers
Pressure cook these balls in Sugar Syrup


Boil milk until it reduces to half the quantity, constantly stir it so that it will not stick to the pan
Add sugar, grated badam, saffron, (whatever dry fruits that you like)


Once the rabdi is of good consistency add the malai balls to it and leave it in the burner for a few minutes so that the rabdi will sink in the malai balls.

Tips for curdling the Milk:

I love the malai ballas to be as soft as a sponge. For softer malai balls add ice cubes while curdling the milk.

When to add ice cubes? As soon as you are sure enough that the milk has curdled. How can you be sure? When you see a transparent liquid separating from milk. How many to add: As many as you have in a tray.

By adding ice cubes that will curb the milk from curdling further and forming hard lumps ( which is exactly what we want for making of paneer).

Semi- Home Made Cooking:

For all my friends who want a faster method. Try use ricotta cheese and pressure cook it in sugar syrup/ bake it in an oven in cupcake pans and add it to rabdi.

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