Jun 8, 2010

The Love Cake - Tiramisu

Want to know the easiest dessert ever possible? Tiramisu!! This is the fastest dish I ever made. No baking no cooking just assembling :). Anyone and everyone can make this Dish.


Mascarpone cheese - 3 Cups
Heavy whipping Cream - 1 Pint
Confectioners Sugar - 5 tbsp
Cocoa - 4 tbsp
Espresso - 2 Cups
Lady Fingers- 2 Packs
Egg yellow- 3
Marsala Wine - 3 tbsp **Optional**
Coffee bean- To garnish


Preparation of the Cream:

  • Whip the heaving cream in an electric mixture until it forms stiff peaks
  • Add mascarpone cheese to it and whip it
  • Add 5 tbsp sugar
  • Beat the three egg yellows and place them on a double boiler and whisk as rigorously as possible or else you will end up eating scrambled eggs **For the double boiler I got a couple with the non stick set that we purchased if you don't have one just use 2 dishes with different sizes and also make sure the water is boiling before you place the dish with eggs**
  • When the color changes from bright yellow to faint one its cooked
  • Add this to the cream mixture and fold it in
  • Add chocolate/vanilla essence /elachi powder


  • I prepared espresso using the percolator / Use can also go the instant route
  • Add Marsala wine (optional)


  • Dip the ladyfingers in espresso and lay them in the container you want
  • Add a layer of cream and top if with cocoa using a tea strainer
  • Add another layer of dipped ladyfinger's and repeat the same i.e Add a layer of cream and top if with cocoa using a tea strainer
  • Top it off with coffee beans for a perfect garnishing
  • Set it in the fridge for at least an hour before you serve

Where to buy lady fingers / mascarpone cheese: Best place to buy ladyfingers would be in a bakery / Deli section (Safeway /Wholefoods), as its very fresh and tasty. You can substitute it with normal yellow cake / Cake rusk that you have it with tea

Mascarpone cheese - Try it in places like Wholefoods / Fry's / Sprouts. I have seen people make mascarpone cheese, if you are really keen about making everything from the scratch then you can try it that way but before you try that route, I suggest you should do it with store brought ones which gives you an inspiration to cook rather than disappointment that you can never cook good. This is more Semi-home made dessert but for people like my husband who prefer eating at home than outside. It works great!

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