May 25, 2010

Tips and Tricks for thick Home-Made Yougurt

You must be wondering aaahhh what is she up to. But many a times we do fail in doing simple stuff, this when we need tips on how to make them better. To tell you very frankly I did fail to do it when I initially started it too. We live in PHX this is one of the points why I like to live in a warmer place. My husband loves homemade yogurt unlike me, Hence I ended up learning it rather doing it :). I love the Mountain -High full fat yogurt. But I learnt how to make that kind of thick cake like yogurt eventually, let me share it with you. Heat the milk on the stove instead of the microwave leave it twice longer on the stove than you generally do. This will give you a very yummy yogurt which I fell in love with.


Vitamin D Milk
Red Chilli's - 2


Boil the milk on stove and leave it up to 3-5 bumps
Add the preexisting Cultured milk after the Milk is Lukewarm


Add as much as culture as you want but not less ( I generally add like 5 tbps)
Whisk it once you add it with a coffee whisker to ensure its mixed in well
Place this container in a dish with uncooked rice
Try adding a couple of red chilli's to the milk when you add the culture
Try keeping this container in the oven with the light on
If yo don't have a light preheat the oven until it is warm and switch it off and place this container
If you don't have an oven place it on a wooden plank / wooden dining table to a cozy corner
Never forget to cover it
Try to keep it refrigerated before serving it helps to thicken it
Obviously do not disturb the container

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