May 5, 2010

Homemade Sambar Powder

I used to get it from India initially and later started loving MTR sambar powder and never attempted to make powder at home. Recently I was done with powder that my MIL made during her last visit to phx. So I decided on making some powder. Trust me the effort is worth it. Especially when the powder is fresh the sambar would taste Yumm!! Do give it a shot its not rocket science.


Chana Dal - 1 Cup
Urad Dal -1 Cup
Dhaniya - 1 Cup
Red Mirchi - 8-10
Paparika - 1/4 Cup
Jeera - 3 tbsp
Oil - 2 tbsp


Fry the above ingredients with a medium flame until they are golden brown in color.
Blend them in a Mixy (Preferably Indian with four blades in it) until it turns out into a very fine powder.
Precedence of what to fry first is the next question that might pop up in your brain-- Initially fry Chana Dal until its semi done add Urad dal then dhanya jeera and last would be red chillies.

You can also add dry coconut powder but I was afarid it wouldnt last long, if you feel missed out on that flavor you can add it while making Sambar also.

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