Feb 23, 2010

మైదా హల్వా

My grandmother taught me this dish. Shez a wonderful woman with modern views. There are two ways of doing the same dessert and this a quicky.... i learnt the most quickest one, reason being - once i feel like eating anything it should be there in front of me the very next moment Cant wait ;)


Maida/ All purpose flour or Corn Flour - 1 cup
Milk - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Elachi - 4 cloves powdered


-Mix equal quantities of sugar, maida and milk (Check for consistency -- same as buttermilk).

- Heat a pan and pour this solution into the pan

-After a 5-10 minutes this will get viscous at this point add Ghee to the pan and eventually the it will cook and form a dough. (Check that its done: pierce a fork into it, it should come out nice and clean & Ghee will ooze out).

You can garnish it with as many dry fruits as you want, I don't relish the taste of raisins so you will hardly notice me use them.

Also called: Halwa / Maida halwa


  1. This is definately a 5 starrer :-)... Ur all time favourite which comes out well no matter how YOU do it :-)