Feb 22, 2010


About the sandwich: Very healthy, easy to make..Once you prepare the cilantro paste you can store this for a week (or more), in which case you might have to freeze this paste. Fill the cilantro paste in the ice tray and freeze it. You can microwave the cube when needed. I use for abhiz breakfast and he loves it as its very healthy and tasty..Cilantro is something which he loves. Variety is the spice of life you could also try the same with mint/spinach/methi and aloo..(will post the recipes for the rest soon).

I like to make my sandwiches colorful, green - cilantro / Mint , White - Cream Cheese, Red- Tomato Ketchup, and this makes it a lovely tri-colored sandwich. I wrap them up with Cling wrap and the sandwich is ready for a to-go pickup.

-Bread- A few slices
-Cilantro- 1 bunch
-Cream Cheese- 2 tbsp spoons
-Cucumber- 1
-Tomato- 1
-Garlic- 3 cloves
-Dhanya-Jeera Powder - 1 tea spoon
-Green Chili- 3

-Tomato Ketchup

-Cut each bread slices into two pieces
-Cut Cucumber and tomato's (preferably round and thin)

Making of the Cilantro paste:
-Add cut cilantro, green chili, dhanya-jeera powder and garlic into a blender and blend them to a very fine paste.

The spread for the bread is ready(rhyming huh)

Spread cream cheese on one of the bread slice and now add the cilantro spread on the bread, scatter the cut cucumber and tomato evenly all across, on the other bread slice add tomato ketchup and cover it up on the other slice. Your evening snack - Cilantro sandwich is ready to eat.

Chitti chitkalu (tips): [Blend with patience) Do not add water while blending cilantro..as it might be very difficult to spread it evenly on the bread, in simple the right amount of consistency wouldn't be obtained by adding water.

Also Called: Cilantro Sandwich/Bread sandwich.

Health facts Cilantro: There are no definitive studies on cilantro but many believe that it and the seeds (often called coriander), have been found to help control blood sugar, lower cholesterol and fight inflammation and free radicals. There is further speculations that cilantro may also have antimicrobial properties.

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  1. Wow.. Awesome recipe and I love the health facts that you are posting :-)