Mar 6, 2010

Mango Mousse

This is a dish which kids would love to have. My neighbour has two lovely kids and I made this for them and since then she loves to come to our house. You can try this in diffrent shapes. I used heart shape.

Ingredients :

-Fresh mango Juice / Mango Pulp -1 tin
-Freshly whipped cream - 1/2 cup
-Strawberries - A few
-Grapes - A few
-Kewi - A few
-Pectin - 2 packets


-Pour the mango pulp into a pan and bring it to a boiling temperature.
-Add pectin to the pulp and stir well.

-Add freshly whipped cream to the mixture and eyeball.
-Slice all the fruits and add them to a container in which you would like to set your Mango Mousse.

-Pour the mixture into your fruit bowl and freeze it for a couple of hours for it to set well.

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