Mar 2, 2010

Semiya Payasam

I remember Abhi mention to me that he is not too much into desserts. I was utterly disappointed by his statement back when we were still seeing each other. I am born with a sweet tooth, whenever we go to a buffet I have dessert first and then the main course. I was planing to prepare payasam as we were setting up our pooja mandiram for the very first time, he said 'Just make a tea spoon full for me'. I was like ok ... I guess this is an advantage as I get to eat the rest. That evening after he is back from the office he asks me ... 'Snigdha, do you think I can have a cup of payasam, as I am already done with my tea spoon' ... Trust me although someone doesn't like sweets they will love it with this recipe.

Vitamin D Milk - 4 cups
Evaporated Milk - 1 cup
Condensed Milk - 1 cup
Sanna Semiya (Thin Semiya..Preferably Shaan from Indian Store) - 1/2 Packet
Sliced Badams Soaked in Milk over night-Hand full
Elachi Powder - 7 cloves
Khumkhum puvvu /Safforn - A pinch
Brown Sugar - 3/4 cup
Sliced Cashew Nuts-Hand full
Sliced Pistachios-Hand full
Raisins-Hand full
-Add Ghee to a pan (Select a pan which is broad enough with good depth to it), add half of the dry fruits mentioned above and fry them.
-Roast the Semiya in the same pan, if you are using Shaan/Ahmed brand Semiya they are already roasted , so just saute them in ghee for a couple of minutes.
-Microwave the 'milk + evaporated milk' for 25 minutes and then add this to the pan with semiya.
-Allow it to cook for some time (until the semiya is soft), and add condensed milk.
-Take the rest of the dry fruits and elachi, blend them, add this paste to the semiya **If you do not have soaked badams handy, just add MTR Badam feast 'secret ingredient'**
-Add brown sugar , this will be the last but not the least item to be added to the dish, allow the it to cook for some time.

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  1. Hey Snigdha,

    I love the semiya payasam u make.. thanks for posting it :)